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​At the40F we believe that everyone has the power to create positive change. That's why we're dedicated to finding and supporting the most effective organizations and initiatives that can make a real difference. By supporting our LACUNA endowment, you can help us continue to invest in projects that have the potential to change the world.

The40F is scouting for visionary scientists and inventors who are dedicated to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time, from socially significant and rare diseases to environmental resilience, social justice and beyond. Your donation can make a real difference in people's lives, empowering us to support organizations and projects that can have an impact in our lifetime.

Contact us today at info@ to learn more about how we can support your initiatives.

A snapshot of our portfolio dedicated to empower the community to drive innovation in a healthy and resilient society:

  • At the LACUNA Bio Hacker Space we support the DIY communities in biomedicine and biomanufacturing. We provide access to cutting-edge equipment, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

  • TechneLabs and the40F sandbox. Our one-stop-shop service supports spin-offs from academic research and health start-ups. We help you prepare for regulatory compliance, standardization, health technology assessment, ethical, legal, and social benchmarking, and more.

  • The iPEER Platform. Our education and training platform supports disruptive biomedical research. We offer internationally recognized pedagogical methodologies, curricula, inventory and access deep science toolsets.

  • The40F ThinkTank and REI Bulgaria. We provide strategic support and advocacy while navigating complex issues and make informed decisions. We leverage our extensive network to help achieving goals towards sustainable healthy society, based on key principles such as equality, peace and social freedom.

  • The40F Small Grant Scheme. We manage small grant schemes for research, disruptive innovation, and education through our internal funding capacities. We also engage in international fundraising to support our mission.

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