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The40F may have over 40 causes, but our mission is always the same: to achieve significant positive social impact in everything we do. We work worldwide to build the baseline for a healthy society, using education, innovation, science, transparency, empowerment, and social inclusion. Whether we're partnering with hospitals to develop new treatments, working with startups to create innovative solutions, or collaborating with NGOs to empower marginalized communities, our focus is always on creating real, meaningful change.

The40f founded in 2018 by Ves and Martina Drobenoff and Alexey Pamporov, has grown rapidly since its inception, building on the work of three predecessor organizations: The Regional Environmental Center - Bulgaria, the Code Success Foundation, and the Modus Vivendi Foundation. Originally envisioned as the fourth foundation, our work and international recognition quickly expanded, especially during the pandemic when we were drawn to critical issues in healthcare and climate resilience.

Vesselin Drobenoff, a professor of medical genetics, and Martina Drobenoff, a sociologist and cultural scientist focused on marginalized groups, bring their extensive knowledge and expertise to the organization. Alexey Pamporov, a professor of sociology, also contributed significantly to the40f's success.

We have a team of 12 highly skilled professionals with broad international exposure and a vast partner network. Our expertise mainly lies in the Balkan region, but our ability to provide reliable support and innovative solutions to special projects has been proven on three different continents over the past five years.

At the40f we strive to make a difference through our work in healthcare, environmental protection, zero-carbon economy transformation, and more. Our focus on innovation and collaboration allows us to approach problems in unique ways, creating tangible and lasting change.
Join us in our mission to create a better world!

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